Together we turn in a top-notch performance

Although we say so ourselves: we turn in a top-notch performance in the season for peppers and cucumbers. There are lots of options. We package batches ranging in size from pallets to complete cargoes.


““Once it goes out the door, you can rest assured that it meets all the specs.”


Our roots in
this day and age

We do what we say

Perfect & Quick, those words stand for the way we work. Packaging peppers is our speciality. In addition, we offer cucumbers. Just like the peppers, our cucumbers too are provided largely by our regular growers with whom we have worked together for many years now. We do not leave anything to chance and when packaging these fine, healthy products, we always make sure they meet all the required specifications. That is based on an absolute fundamental approach at PEQ. Once you have closed a deal with us, it is sacred to us. One thing is clear: when we do it, we get it right: Perfect & Quick.

Flexible and reliable

We work with a permanent core of employees, supplemented with carefully selected flex workers who know precisely what is expected from them. Together we make a good team, which makes us flexible and reliable. We think in solutions, always respond swiftly and make optimum use of our excellent internal logistics. In winter we can store and tranship various potato, fruit and vegetable products. If desired we can also package or repackage them, of course.

Experience and the future

We have many years of experience in packaging potato, fruit and vegetable products. We can provide you with all the desired packagings of peppers in flowpacks and foodtainers. Apart from this, we are specialised in sealing cucumbers. Our machines can make various kinds of flowpack packagings and can seal cucumbers. Thanks to our move to Maasdijk we can look ahead with even more confidence. Our new premises have been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. This gives us the very best logistics while allowing us great freedom of action. Thanks to clear structures, we can supply superior quality.

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